Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wallet Card

Take a 12" x 12" piece of card


fold along the bottom of your card at 5" mark as shown

once the card has been folded your card should now look like this as shown below

this fold will become the wallet pocket


fold the card in half as shown below

unfold you card and draw a line as shown below on both sides of your card

inside of your card will now look like this

apply a little glue to stick the sides down on both sides, don't glue the whole thing as it should remain as a pocket as shown below

Your wallet card is now complete, you can of course do any size you require make it smaller if you choose.

Now you have your card you can decorate it as you like, you can use any papers, cards, embossing, inking any technique you like etc....

The idea of the wallet card is to fill the pockets up with anything you like, assortment of card, embellies, ribbon, brads, buttons anything you like. You then swap your wallet with your partner unless their is a theme involved you could always ask your partner the sort of things they like.

Most importantly have fun

x X x

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