Sunday, 11 March 2012


Vee Cassidy has very kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I am so thrilled and honored to say the least and a very happy bunny lol. You can visit Vee here

There a couplke of conditions attached to this award:-

"If you are nominated, you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger award". First, thank the person who gave you this award. Link
  • Include a link to their blog,
  • Select 15 blogs that you have either recently discovered or follow regularly,
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award,
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

My Nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award (In no particular order)Are:


Well thats the hard part done because their are so many blogs that I could give this award to.
Now I have to list 7 things about my self so here goes lol

  • I have been married to my soulmate for about 9 years now, unfortunately due to illnesses my hubbie is now dissabled and I have become his full time carer. These times are very hard and we have good days and bad days but we deal with this together. Also means we spend much more time together and I get to craft alot more.
  • I am always a happy person and i think I tend to care about people too much
  • I sing alot, but tends to be in shops or to people (often those I dont know)
  • I have recently discovered the darker side of crafting, a gothic side of me which I have to say I am liking. Through some amazing people believing in me and giving me a chance to design for them I and a few friends decided to create our own Challenge Blogs which is also a great venture for us.
  • I have very few friends because the friends I did have dissapeared when my hubbie became dissabled, so the friends I have made through blogging and on FB I hold very close to me.
  • I love to help other people and make them happy
  • Last but not least I love anything to do with Fantasy and i love my fairies.

Well done to everyone who has this award

x X x


  1. Thank you Abbie, really appreciate it :-) Its lovely that you and your hubby support each other and the friends that have fallen by the wayside are losing out on your friendship-you deserve so much more :-) Keep strong and thank you for your support :-)) Elaine xxx

  2. Thanks Abbie. Love hearing more about you too.

  3. Your very welcome ladies xx

  4. Thank you for this award Abbie, I feel really privileged to receive it as I have not been a member of this group very long. I am just a little bit tired tonight, so I'll do the necessary tomorrow evening.
    Thanks once again

  5. Oh wow! I'm delighted. I will make sure I will do the same this week - nursing a poorly little girl currently xx

  6. your welcome lovelies, Emma hope your little girl gets better soon xx

  7. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
    Hey, we have a giveaway here, please stop by and add your name to the list -

  8. Hi sweetie, congratulations and thank you so much for nominating me, I had hoped to do a post tonight but that didn't work out as I got delayed so I will do a post tomorrow, thanks so much again hun
    Lindsay xx

  9. Hello, Abbie I loved reading about you and I can relate to what you were saying about the other side to crafting I am enjoying these aspects too and it has been lovely to see your blogs being a bit different - love it. Of course then I want to go and do something pretty but my tastes are pretty ecletic in most areas so don't see crafting being the exception. Vee xx

  10. Thanks a million for the Award Abbie. Good to know I am not the only person out there singing in random places!